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WhiteCloud Analytics provides healthcare performance management solutions that help progressive health systems navigate the transition to value-based care.

Our intuitive, role-based applications align the entire organization around common goals and engage providers in self-directed change. By automating complex analytic processes and utilizing new engagement technologies, our clients see broad adoption and significant performance improvement.

The WhiteCloud™ Performance Management Platform helps health systems optimize care, improve financial health, and streamline operational efficiency in a risk-based world.

Navigating Reform

To be successful with transformational change, a clear organizational strategy is required and the entire care delivery network must be aligned to common goals. In addition, executives must have visibility to their organization’s performance and the ability to shape outcomes.

WhiteCloud Clients Include

“WhiteCloud has played a crucial role in our progress and pursuit of better health, better care, and lower cost. With their help, we’ve dissected mountains of data so care providers can use personalized information to inspire better performance, personal accountability, and optimized outcomes for our patients and populations.”

Dr. David Pate
President and CEO
St Luke’s Health System

The WhiteCloud Performance Management Platform provides insight to clinical, operational, and financial performance so healthcare systems can:

  1. Develop a nimble, data-driven organization focused on cost reduction, quality improvement, safety, service, margin and risk
  2. Transform the clinical model to proactively manage care and improve health
  3. Transform the financial model to mitigate risk
  4. Align clinical and financial models to support population health management

Market Alternatives

Health systems will invariably use a mixture of reporting and analytics solutions. For those executives driving the transition to value-based care, Performance Management must be a significant part of that mix.


Why is WhiteCloud Different?

Using several decades of experience with BI and analytics technology, WhiteCloud developed a HealthCare Performance Management (HPM) Platform with three fundamental differences:

  1. Engagement Technologies Driving Physician-led Change.
Unlike other systems that use spreadsheets, dashboards or tools, WhiteCloud gives physicians and care teams direct access to personalized performance information. When combined with role-based analytics , distributed accountability, contextual visualization and gamification, the results are impressive. When physicians trust and engage in their own data, the overall health system performance organically improves.

PMP-Ring-w-Text  2. Automated Applications that Enable Scale.
All organizations deal with performance improvement programs. The challenge is scaling initiatives in a way that drives significant change with enough speed to outpace local competition. While the ‘Analyst-Proxy Model’ can identify system anomalies, it is too slow and costly to drive performance improvement across the organization. There are never enough analysts to effectively meet the needs of a distributed healthcare system. And, because it’s a manual process, time delays are built into each inquiry.

WhiteCloud automated the HealthCare Performance Management change process. Using near real-time, personalized performance metrics, delivered across the organizations to PCs and tablets, the entire organization enjoys easy access to critical performance information with guided root-cause analysis. Through automation, WhiteCloud clients access better organizational data, reduce data fatigue, lower analyst costs and achieve scale.

The Six Domains of Care

3. Balance and Manage Risk with an Aligned Organization.
Healthcare transformation is a complex, long-term journey that requires all members of the health system to move toward common objectives. This is why WhiteCloud’s approach to Performance Management begins with a holistic view of the transformational journey. Unlike other competitors who deliver discreet applications focused on a particular metric or performance objective, WhiteCloud developed an integrated performance platform sourced from a common data model and viewable at the patient encounter detail. This allows your entire organization – Clinical, Financial and Operational – to work with one version of the truth to drive value across the six domains of care. With proper alignment across the entire network, executives have better insight into organizational performance, allowing health systems to take on risk and advance to value-based care.

Where to start?

Where all great leaders start – with a clear vision for the future.  Click through each of the links below to find out more.

Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence

Physician engagement and improvement



Performance management built into the core of our apps

Better Health

Better Health

Reduce variation, standardize care and optimize quality



WhiteCloud is cloud-based and highly scaleable

Population Health

Population Health

Know your population and provide differentiated care


The WhiteCloud Performance Management Platform knows who’s logged in, what their responsibilities are, their peer groups and practice teams. The Platform immediately personalizes the information that is most relevant to each user. Because the system is based on a common architecture, it knows the metrics and thresholds that work together to drive overall organization goals. This allows each team member to focus on personal goals that ultimately unite the financial, clinical, and operations teams.